Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Brief Catalog of this Year's Works

So it's been a while folks. After all that time in school, I ended up getting a job (which I enjoy for the most part and that pays the bills) at the lab of a local (and very busy) hospital. Which is primarily what I've been doing for the last six months since my last post. I'm in a field that is pretty short-handed for people at the moment, because there really aren't enough programs to turn out qualified people, and as such I'm working a ton. So between all the overtime and spending time with the fiance (and wedding planning!), family, and friends, I have not had a lot of time for hobbies.

Don't get me wrong though - I have found some time! In what little time I've had for hobbies though, I have prioritized playing games and painting rather than posting. I've painted woefully little this year, but I'm pretty happy with what I've put out.

As far as playing games go I never really got any of my play group interested in Infinity, and the local group plays a night that I work every week, so that didn't work out. I've been playing a bit of X-Wing (and have just picked up Armada and Imperial Assault + Expansions - both of which I look forward to playing and that my play group is pretty interested in), a bit of Mordheim, some D&D, and some board games here and there.

Mostly I've been painting up stuff for Otherworld's upcoming (finally) skirmish game by Crooked Dice and D&D. I also intend to use some of it in Osprey's upcoming game Frostgrave - which looks really neat and North Star Military games is doing a preorder promotion for at the moment.

Here are a few adventurers from Otherworld I've painted up (Dwarf Cleric, Human Fighter, Elf Wizard). They were a lot of fun and very easy to paint - most Otherworld stuff tends to be.

Next are some Ghouls that I'll likely use for Mordheim Undead and various Skirmish Games (probably even Strange Aeons when I get my 2nd Edition rulebook). These are some pretty nice Paul Muller sculpts from Heresy with a speed paint job.

These guys are going to be mega-versatile. They will serve as my Dregs in Mordheim, Henchmen in Frostgrave, and Villains of some sort in Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. I modeled them to be Men-At-Arms turned Grave Robbers As I figured their Vampire Lord ( In Mordheim) was exiled and some of his retainers accompanied him from Sylvania to the City of the Damned. The center figure is the Vampire's seneschal and others are a pair of Men-at-Arms. Two of the three have a (rather poorly done) sickle painted as iconography of their vampiric Lord, whom bearers the title "The Harvester". I modeled them to be robbing parts of the dead, rather than gold and jewelry, as they intend to supply the Vampire and the Necromancer with parts for more minions.

Well, that's all for the moment. Coming up I have a Half-Orc Rogue type to join my adventurers and some terrain (boring). Relatively soon I will likely start painting up my Imperial Assault stuff (not the best miniatures, but decent enough detail and likely will paint up quickly), so you may see a bit of that up here as well. I'm going to attempt to get a blog post up at least once a month, but in the meanwhile all C+C is welcome and take care!