Tuesday, November 11, 2014

After a long slumber.....

Well, it's been a while, but I have returned. Since moving back from the desert (to the more pleasant side of the Mountains), I have been incredibly busy. I was studying for my Board of Certification exam for several weeks (which I passed with flying colors), started up again at my old job part-time, and have been on the job hunt. It hasn't all been business though, I've been lucky enough to spend a bit of time catching up with some buddies and what not. I haven't been totally neglecting my hobby though.

I finished painting up the remaining Stitchers from the box set (they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself):

This guy was a blast to paint, and I think he turned out pretty well.
This guy was not a blast to paint, the location of his staff and the proximity of it to his chest (as well as the amount of detail on the chest) made him a nightmare to paint. He gave me a couple weeks of painter's block. He turned out okay though.
The two of them together and based (hopefully I can get a picture with all five together here soon).

In other news I picked up a copy of Operation: Icestorm for Infinity (as well as a small Nomad force) and am looking forward to painting that up. I got to play through the O:I starter scenarios with a couple guys at the game store and we all had a blast.....I'm really looking forward to N3 and playing some more Infinity.

To make matters more busy, I'm also starting work on a small Warriors of Chaos Army (Mono-Tzeentch of course) and just finished the first test model for the rank and file (I can probably get a pick up in the next few days). I'll probably be alternating between painting stuff for this and Infinity coming up.

And last, but not least, I've amassed a small collection of figures to paint up in the next year for Strange Aeons! I've always enjoys Lovecraft's works, and I already had many monster figures for the game, so picking up a handful of investigators was pretty affordable (also backed their Kickstarter for the next edition rulebook next year!).

Hopefully I'll have a big boy job here in a few weeks (looking that way with the way interviews are going), and I'll see more of you all soon!


  1. Your Stichers look great!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Tzeentch force when it's painted. Of all the Ruinous Powers, Tzeentch always paints up best.

  2. Thank you good sir! Sorry I missed your comment earlier - as you can see I've not been very active in the blog world. I've currently put the fantasy stuff on hold until I find out what is becoming of the Fantasy rules (I hear skirmish - which is secretly what I'm hoping for, but who knows). I don't really want to paint up a bunch of Universe specific models and then find out I don't have a game to play with them! At least I've always had trouble fitting Chaos into other fantasy settings. That said I did enjoy painting up my test model and I'll get him posted during my next update. Tzeentch has always been my favorite and I love the color palette associated with him.