Thursday, June 5, 2014

No one expects the Inquisition....again?

So despite being pretty busy this term, I've actually gotten a fair bit of hobby stuff accomplished (not much painting unfortunately). I've been sucked back into working on Inquisition miniatures (and am still eagerly waiting more Stitchmen to paint) for a Mordheim conversion (think Mordheim/ roleplaying game hybrid - kind of like a simplified Inquisitor) that I will be running as a GM for a few buddies.

So without much further ado - I've touched up Inquisitor Ehrhardt to make up for the damage that awful armory matte sealant did (it has been replaced by testors dullcoat since these models) and rebased him. I've given him a new pistol that I like better as well.

Here is him with Teffig and Trenz- who will both be in the upcoming campaign (and as such they have been rebased).
Perhaps the most exciting part of this is that Ehrhardt has a new retinue (sans Teffig, Trenz will be in a different retinue), a few of the models are new models of characters that were in his retinue previously (2.0 versions) and one entirely new character. The rest of his retinue were killed in a battle with another Inquisitor (which plays a role in the backstory of the campaign), except Trenz, who left after her contract was up - and because Ehrhardt's new extreme methods of dispensing "justice."

Remember Vendrek Hellmann?
Here is his new model:
I think it's a big improvement personally.

Marberry is also getting a new model, here's the original:
And the new Marberry (needs a bit of mold line cleaning still):
And the new member, an as of yet unnamed Tech-Adept who once maintained the furnace of a great forge at a minor forgeworld, which was overrun by chaos. His body and size has been modified so could fit into furnace vents and crawlspaces. He is equipped with a flamer to keep fires ignited (now to purify the great enemy) and a mechanicus power axe.

Lastly we have a secretive Radical Malleus Inquisitor who will also be a major character in the upcoming campaign.
Thanks for looking and as always feedback is appreciated!

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