Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inquisition Skirmish Game 1 Pre-Game Report

This week I got to play the first game of an Inquisition themed skirmish game with a couple buddies that are new to wargaming. The rules are based on the Mordheim rules with some roleplaying elements added and some necromunda rules (particularly ammo checks).

First off here are the participants:
These guys are just DV cultists with a Tzeentchian Demon (I played them as NPCs).
This is Inquisitor Tarkin's Retinue (Played by Jared):
From Left to Right: Explorator Militant Renzak Gaur, Atticus Umbarsworth, Inquisitor Sammael Tarkin, Tazz’Hedzrk’Oraytg (goes by Lazarus - Daemonhost in rear, Shadrune Kane's Cyberhound (Spike), and Shadrune Kane. Since Atticus is new here are a few pictures of him:
He is Tarkin's Savant. He was a really easy conversion, but I am rather fond of him.
Ehrhardt's Retinue (Played by Jeff):
From left to right: Eneril Teffig, Marberry, Inquisitor Ehrhardt, Vendrek Hellmann, Furnace-Adept Zalik
Lastly here are the Retinue's Henchmen. The three on the left are supposed to be Mercs from a feudal world and are working for Inquisitor Tarkin, and the Two on the right are Inquisitional Stormtroopers and are working for Inquisitor Ehrhardt.

And here are the stat cards I printed off for the members of each retinue:

The next post will get to the action!

Thanks for looking and as always comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!

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