Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finished Ahmut's Legion Warband for Chainmail

So it took a little while longer than expected (had a lot of stuff come up), but I finished my Ahmut's Legion Warband for Chainmail. They will be joining three other warbands (Ravilla, Thalos, and Drazen's Horde- all unpainted as of yet) on a beach trip with three of my buddies. Two of them have never played Chainmail, but are from my D&D group, and I think they'll love it.

Without much further ado:
This is a Skeletal Warhound from the Chainmail line, cool little miniature and a breeze to paint.

These guys are a pair of Skeletal Dwarf Soldiers also from the Chainmail line, took a little longer to paint than expected as I kept finding hidden details. I like these guys quite a bit.

This big guy is the Slaughterpit Zombie Gnoll, again from the Chainmail line. This is a wonderful model sculpted by Paul Muller (I love pretty much everything he does). This model was really fun to paint, lots of details and different textures.

And here is the 70 Point Warband hanging out:

Feedback is always welcome! Thanks for looking!


  1. Really good job, they look great grouped together. I've not seen the Chainmail minis before, they've got a lot of charm. Loving the zombie gnoll, pretty monsterous :)

  2. Thanks Smiler, that is much appreciated! A lot of the Chainmail minis are pretty nice sculpts (they were done between 2000-2002 if I remember correctly) and it's a quite simple and enjoyable game, I actually played a big four player game the other weekend and had a good time. My personal favorite thing about the Chainmail minis is how the line included some really uncommon creatures that are really unique. It's not too often you find Gnoll Abominations, Skeletal Dwarfs, Skeletal Orcs, or Zombie Troglodytes from other manufacturers (As you can probably tell, the undead line is the most diverse). The Gnoll line (Naresh) is pretty amazing too, and produced my favorite Gnolls to date.

    I'll probably paint another Warband for Chainmail after I finally finish my Mordheim Mercenaries and paint up my Mordheim Undead. Somewhere in there, I'll be making my first Blood Bowl team, haha.