Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Long time, no talk.

So I haven't posted in a very long time. To make a very long story short, I had to move about five hours from my previous home to do my Medical Laboratory Technology clinicals. I found out at the end of April (the 28th) and had to start the program in the 2nd week of June. So I had to quit my job, get many a series of vaccinations, and find a place to live in a little less than a month.Then I had an intensive six weeks of preclinical training, and now I finally have a bit of time off before I start my clinicals on the 23rd of September.

So naturally that means I have a bit of time for gaming. So I went on a look out in early August for a skirmish game that was fantasy themed and that my fiance and I could play together. I was originally going to do SOBH, but I really hate the activation system (it's really lame when you get one bad roll on your first model and lose your whole turn). This lead to more searching, but LOTR SBG is too large scale for me and a few others just didn't cut it. I eventually returned to my favorite miniature ruleset (or fantasy one at least), which was the 2001 Wizards of the Coast Chainmail ruleset. I found it a very intuitive and quick paced ruleset when I played it during it's short lifespan, and after looking over it again, continue to think that. Another nice thing is that its very easy to stat up pretty much any 3rd edition D&D creature to play with (so naturally I made a bunch more profiles for models I had an wanted to use). I still have a fair few of my miniatures for the game from when I played, and I've been able to pick up quite a few others that I liked on Ebay pretty cheaply. I've also found many of my Otherworld miniatures either fit profiles that exist for the game, or were easy to stat up.

Overall I'm very excited to get playing some games. I'm on a brief vacation at the moment, but I finished painting a few models the other day (a few Dwarves for generic gaming and a few figures I'm using for Chainmail).

First up the Dwarves, nothing too exciting here (though I found out Armory matte primer blows, it frosted these guys really bad, though I was able to do a lot to remove it gently using a damp paper towel- I did some research and found out Armory is a bad line in general, and to get Testor's dullcoat).

Next up are a few models I intend to use for Chainmail for Ahmut's Legion Commanders (Ahmut's Legion is a faction composed of various cool undead and a cult of a death deity). I'm excited to paint up some more of the Chainmaul Ahmut models when I get home, as there are some really unique undead (Skeletal Trolls, Skeletal Dwarves, Gnoll Zombie Abominations, Zombie Troglodytes, etc.)

First is a Human Death Cleric from the Chainmail line. This is one of my favorite models, and I think she turned out pretty well. For some reason I had a very frustrating time painting her face, and had to strip paint of it a few times (luckily I always start on flesh). She (and her upcoming companion) were the last models I have that will be sprayed with Armory sealant - I did them right along with the dwarves. Luckily I was very careful with these two models so they didn't really end up getting frosted (and the very minor amount that did happen was incredibly easy to clean up).
This next guy is an older Reaper model named Mangu Timur (I love this model, and it seems to be well scaled to other models from the Chainmail line, as the older Reaper models weren't the size of small houses). I'm using him for Chainmail as an Ahmut's Legion Anti-Paladin (or Blackguard). Specifically I stated him up named as "Order of Death's Grasp Blackguard."
I think he turned out rather well. I love that the model clearly looks like a villain, but isn't super ostentatious like many of the heavily armored evil models produced these days.

Comments and constructive criticism always welcome!

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