Monday, April 1, 2013

Von Schnell's Company

Here is a bit of the background on my Mordheim band. They are Reikland Mercenaries and are two games in to the campaign (they have done quite well).

Reiklander 85th Swords Company or "Von Schnell's Blades," were a Reikland company with a pretty mediocre record. Captained by Maximilian Von Schnell, the unit and it's detachment of archers were assigned to protect the village of Gorslund from local Orc raiders in the south of the Reik.

Very shortly after assignment, Hund the Hound, a very successful Orc Raider gathered the local bands and launched a large-scale assault against Gorslund. After barely fending of Hund's first town Von Schell's Blades and the local militia fortified the town and prepared for a lengthy and brutal siege. Before Hund could launch another wave, Von Schnell was able to dispatch a messenger, calling for aid.

After weeks of bloody fighting, the orcs had finally breached the villages defenses, and the outlook for the defenders looked grim. In the midst of the chaos Von Schnell's men and the citizens on Gorslund looked up to see a trio of fire wizards, or pyromancers descending upon unicorn mounts and hurling flaming death at the Orcs. The Orcs began to flee in terror, when the winds of magic became fickle, and one of the fire wizards exploded into a flaming meteorite as he descended to Gorslund. The resulting explosion killed nearly everyone in the village, friend or foe alike.

Von Schnell, his few remaining men,  and the few survivors of the village and his unit were brought back to the capital, were Von Schnell and his men were dismissed from service for fear that they sully the name of the College of Fire and make joint operations difficult for the armies of the Empire and the Wizards of the Colleges of Magic.

With little left to do for a living Von Schnell collected his remaining men and any of the surviving villagers willing to give it a try and headed to Mordheim to make their fortune. Renamed "Von Schnell's Company," and with nothing left to lose the Mercenaries entered the ruins....

Here are some pictures and background of the four completed figures:

This here is Fritz Langley, he was a hunter from Gorslund who was wounded during the battle with Hund's Orcs. Fortunately, when the explosion happened the Orc towering over him and about to gut him was immolated and protected him from the blast and inferno. Fritz is a marksmen Henchmen and has done reasonably well with his crossbow, but most noted moment is when he took down a Black Skaven with his club.

This is Ludwick Kaiser, a former member of the Militia of Gorslund. He survived the explosion as he was fighting in the wine cellar when it occurred. His face is horribly scarred from the inferno however. Kaiser is a warrior henchman and has failed to put his halberd to good use yet. He has had the misfortune of being taken out of action with a sling in his first game, and getting stunned by a pistol shot in the second and thus has not seen melee. He has, however, provided an excellent living shield for his officers.

This is Erich Forrester, formerly a very subpar monk of Sigmar in the village of Gorslund. He did all ecclesiastic activities  poorly aside from the brewing of ales and the fermentation of wines. He did however find his calling in life a bit later, when he came to the aid of the town militia when the Orcs broke through the towns defenses. Hefting up the bastard sword of a fallen militia man, Forrester cleft Orcs left and right like a natural. He survived the explosion be pursing the fleeing Orcs from the village, hacking them down as he went. Von Schnell was impressed with the former Monks combat abilities, as well as the ale and wine he brews, and quickly offered him a job when dismissed from service (overlooking the fact that he is usually drunk, as Von Schnell is usually drunk with him). Forrester is a Champion in my warband and is armed with a Bastard sword, light armor, and a lucky charm (15 GC , +1 S, 2-handed, parry). He has gotten into battle and scored a few hits, but has never actually managed to wound anything (needing 3s....), meaning he has had a very unremarkable performance, unlike my other champion who is a beast (and is next on the painting table).

This guy here is Hans Blau. He was an archer in the detachment assigned to Von Schnell's Blades. He survived the explosion be being positioned on the parapet of the single stone tower in town. Hans Blau was never a remarkable archer in regimented warfare, but has really shined in the cluttered skirmish style battles of Mordheim. He has taken an enemy archer out of action in his second game, and was recently promoted from Henchman to hero in his last game, gaining a ballistic score advance.

So far I'm having a lot of fun in the campaign and have won both my games (getting the prisoner exploration twice as well, meaning two free henchmen), and my group has swelled from 10 to 13 and gained a lot of nice gear. My opponents are a group of sneaky skaven, a wild cult of the possessed, an unbelievably hard to kill vampire (he got a third wound and the armor artifact) and his cronies, and a horribly mauled group of Reiklanders that are now down to six men after two games. I've beaten the Skaven and Reiklanders and am unsure who I have a reckoning with next week. More painted models soon!


  1. Cool! I like the background and the painting, simple but effective. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang.

  2. Thanks Smiler, much appreciated! I'm still working away, but not painting as fast as I'd like, though I have a bit of an update tonight.