Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Von Schnell's Company Part 2.

So last week I only got to play one game of Mordheim in the league (when most everyone else played two), as myself  and the owner (though another of the warbands had a significantly higher rating than mine) of the unstoppable vampire were the only undefeated bands.

It wasn't a very good game to say the least. We had a Wyrdstone hunt scenario and I quickly grabbed 2 of three pieces as his killer vamp and slavering horde advanced forward. My ranged totally sucked. I had 15 shots between my 3 archers/ 2 crossbowmen (all BS 4 at this point) before any melee happened, 12 of the 15 rolls needed a 3 plus to hit and I hit....twice. One shot was lucky charm saved and the other failed to wound. The archers proceeded to blow the rest of the gaming, doing nothing more than putting one dreg out of action and stunning a necromancer twice.

My melee held up, but failed to inflict much damage. I had a youngblood, a decoy archer, a warrior, a halberd warrior, and my captain go out of action. Of this the youngblood died (I had my once per campaign injury reroll - the only player to do so, but opted not too as this particular youngblood had gotten two Leadership advances and was better dead  and replaced than amongst my already very high leadership band). My warrior died, but I rerolled to keep him, simply because I like the model and don't like reusing them in the same campaign. My crappy archer (LD advance) died, but I replaced him with a new crossbow man in that unit. My Captain busted his arm and has to sit the next game out recovering, and the halberd warrior was fine. I replaced my dead youngblood as well.

On the other hand I got a few advances:
Von Schnell got Step Aside.
Kurt Sturmfelder (Champion 1) got WS to go up to 5.
Erich Forrester got LD, making him my 2nd LD 9 Figure (Von Schnell being the other) - playing house rules Reiklanders don't get a marksman +1BS skill (far too powerful, and unfluffy), but to represent their disciplined nature their captain has 12" leadership bubble, and both champions start with +1 LD and have a 6" leadership bubble.
Decent Youngblood (that survived) got +1 LD - yuck.

I had three noteworthy accomplishments in the game (in order from least to most important in my mind).
1) I failed 1 fear test the entire game fighting a horde of ghouls, a vampire, and an ogre. Go me!
2) I took down, for the first time, the unstoppable vampire with his 4 toughness, 3 wounds, parry, lucky charm, 3+ armor save, and step aside defenses. He unfortunately rolled full recovery in the post game phase.
3) Kurt Sturmfelder was an absolute beast. He inflicted 2 of the vampire's wounds, and successfully held off attacks from the vampire before he went out of action, and held back an Ogre hired sword, a pimped out and well advanced dreg, and a ghoul, without taking a wound. For 3 full turns. Total badass.

That said, I promptly decided Kurt was getting painted next (he also has taken 4 models out of action as my defensive champion, beating Erich by four.....)

So I painted him next:

Kurt Sturmfelder was a former Reiksguard Foot Knight who was dismissed from the unit for not being "Patriotic enough." He was promptly assigned to Von Schnell's Blades were he made an excellent Sergeant and second in command. Kurt is an impressive combatant, a strong defensive fighter, a skilled tactician and a pragmatic and intelligent individual. Sturmfelder is a very loyal man, and has served Von Schnell even after his unit was dismissed from the Army. Kurt managed to survive the firestorm by being in command of a small unit defending the crypts and their tunnels, as orcs and goblins had found old Skaven tunnels and were trying to infiltrate the Gorslund.

Here is the man of the hour:

Thanks for looking! Feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism are welcome as always!

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