Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little bit of vacation.

Well not so much,

I haven't really posted lately for a number of reasons. 1) I haven't really done a lot of painting of hobby stuff lately 2) I haven't really been too excited about miniature games lately, as I have no one to play with.....until recently.  3) I actually made a set of modular starship interior tiles for 15mm AE- Bounty (And will be painting my AE-Bounty 15mm stuff eventually, I've had it forever), as well as a 2x2 "Red Planet" style board out of corkboard. Pictures will happen when I paint a few miniatures and the accompanying terrain pieces.

Mordheim, however has had proven to have a resurgence in my gaming group (and this is largely because a couple of my old friends who love the game contact myself with interest in it), and between the two of them and the four reliable gamers (myself being one), we have enough to get a go at it. We are starting April 6th, and my goal is to have a painted Reikland Mercenaries band by then (I'm about half done with 4 out of 10 miniatures). I'll post pictures and some backstory when I finish up the first four. I'm looking forward to a Mordheim campaign a great deal. I'm getting in a practice game with the two guys who haven't played in forever to help re-familiarize them with the rules this weekend, and that should be fun.

Also, I'm still biding my time on Endless Fantasy Tactics (can't wait to get to play this some more, great game), and have been watching this with a great deal of interest and will probably cave and support it: Arena Rex

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