Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year to All!

I hope everybody had great holidays, regardless of what you celebrate and what not. Mine were very hectic, but fun, though they did not leave much time for hobby related activities.

I'll start by saying I'm not really into the idea of New Years Resolutions, I feel if you are really motivated and really want something, there is no reason to wait until a particular day to start at it, that said I've decided to do some hobby related ones this year.

- First Order of Business: Finish Inquisitor Phyren and his retinue (hopefully by the end of this month).
- Second Order of Business: Start painting my LotR forces (should be much quicker than Inq28 stuff as it will mostly be batch painting).
- Third Order of Business: Endless Fantasy Tactics! I should be getting my models towards the middle of the year and I hope to go into a hobby frenzy on them.
- Fourth Order of Business: Spend Less. Though I did pretty good this year, I'm hoping to do more painting and less buying this year. I'm going to Budget out ~50 Dollars a month after I finish purchasing my current LotR forces (roughly ~120 Dollars).

I'll try to stick to these throughout the year and see where it gets me.

On another note, tomorrow night (and if not Friday) I will have some time to do some painting on Enforcer Kane.

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