Monday, December 17, 2012

The completion of the retinue

Just a  very quick update before I meander of to bed for the evening. I have finish building Inquisitor Phyren the Radical Malleus Inquisitor (short of a few purity seals) and his as of yet unnamed Daemonhost (short of a few purity seals and cleaning up a bit of GS work). I have the last couple seals on their way and then I will prime them and start painting!

These two, along with Interrogator Malek Fel, Shadrune Kane (and his cyber-hound), and Jad Neth form the complete retinue for the Inquisitor.

Here are some pictures (Phyren is first):
And the Daemonhost:
As always thanks for looking, and constructive criticism is always appreciated!


  1. Hey hope you had a good Christmas and New Year! Love the models, is the Inquisitor head taken from a necron? The deamonhost is cool, nice and creepy.

  2. Thanks Smiler, I did (Very hectic, but fun)! How was your Christmas and New Year? The Inquisitor's head is from the Empire Wizard's kit actually (I believe it to be from a Metal Wizard, I cut it's odd beard thing off though). I am really happy with how the Daemonhost turned our and am very excited to paint him. I currently have made a bit of painting progress on Kane, and after I finish him and the Cyber hound up (hopefully after tomorrow I'll have some time to relax and catch my breath/ paint), I may do the Daemonhost next. Once this retinue is done, I think I might work on some LoTR stuff (which will mostly be batch painting for non-heroes and should be much quicker).