Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Radical Ordos Xenos Retinue, Take 1

I've taken a fair deal of time away from modeling and painting lately. This has been in part because of my busy schedule, in part because my Necromunda group decided they wanted to play other (non-miniature) games), and in part because I haven't felt a great deal of motivation until recently. I recently came across the "In The Emperor's Name" ruleset by the Forge of War guys, and have really come to like it. I think I may get my group to like it, assuming they are willing to give it a try. They didn't want to give Inquisitor a whirl, due to the ruleset (which I suppose is fairly understandable, though I still really want to play it, I think with some common sense and a bit of rebalancing it would be like playing Dark Heresy Skirmish with awesome plot lines). They aren't huge fans of Necromunda either, as they don't like the lack of differentiation between gangs to start out or the extreme randomness of the game (though I do feel it is part of it's charm). I fell the ITEN ruleset would allow for a quick series of linked skirmishes that could be quite fun.

Anyways that aside, eagerly awaiting Dan Abnett's upcoming "Pariah," conclusion to the Inquisition Trilogy of Trilogies he has been working at for a bit, I have been looking at all kinds of Inquisitor based art and models and have been inspired to make the retinue of a Radical Ordos Xenos Inquisitor (As opposed to my Moderate Ordos Hereticus one). So far the Inquisitor himself is in the concept stage and I'm just starting on his model, but I've been cracking away at his Interrogator and one of his henchmen.

This is Marek Fel, Interrogator (who needs a bit of trimming but is mostly complete). He was formerly an Officer in the Explorator Militant branch of the Explorators from the academy world of Taleria. He is stubborn, proud, highly motivated, and despite his very competent combat abilities, his is mostly known for his extreme intellect. Upon his missions with the Explorators he found himself particularly intrigued by esoteric knowledge. He soon began to collect sources of such information, much of it forbidden, and has studied it to great ends. Much of this knowledge is not only forbidden, but deadly, Fel has learned a fair deal of the primordial language of Enuncia, and has been known to use it occasionally. Fel however, could not keep his accumulation of esoteric artifacts and knowledge secret forever and was soon found to be under the investigation of the Inquisition. Had he been under the investigation of nearly any other Inquisitor than (Insert undetermined name of Xenos Inquisitor) he would have been put to death. Instead he earned the admiration of (Xenos Inquisitor) and soon found a spot in his retinue. Upon proving his ability across the years, he has moved up to the rank of Interrogator.

This guy is one of the Inquisitor's Xenos Henchmen (possibly the only). He is a Tarellian by species (I had a hard time finding much on these guys, other than they have snouts, were nearly wiped out by the Imperium, and are skilled at war), and a mercenary of some sort. Not sure of his back story beyond that. He definitely needs a lot of work. He needs a pack of some sort on the back of his breastplate to make it look less Astartes-Like, and I might want to change his pose up (should he have anything in his left hand also?). I've seen a few different conversion of Tarellians, and had not really been a fan of them, so this is my take (I saw a similar conversion ages ago for some other reason, but I thought to myself that must be what a Tarellian looks like).

Feedback is always appreciated, and thanks for looking!

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