Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Orlocks! Tony Stark's Red Caps!

So it has been a while since I posted an update. I was subjected to a rather rigorous (though in terms of time alone, not difficulty) medical training (thankfully it was only a month long) that was 26+ hours a week. On top of my normal 30-40 hours of work. On the plus side, that is one more prerequisite for a multitude of medical programs down.

That said what little time I had was used to start a Necromunda campaign with a couple of my buddies. We are a few campaign turns in, and about 6-7 games in each. I'm playing Orlocks. I've always liked their fluff and models, and they seem very well rounded, so I decided they'd be a good call. One of the other guys is playing Van Saar and the other is playing Scaavies (he actually just had his leader power challenged and ousted). Hopefully we can get a few more players soon.

Here are my finished gangers (still have 6-8 more to paint).
These chaps are Apone (a ganger and coincidentally enough the first figure I have painted with an African skintone, I think he turned out well!) and Molten Marty (a heavy with flamer). Apone's performance so far has been pretty mediocre. He has a lasgun and has gained a WS and BS advance. Molten Marty has been doing pretty well for himself (better than my other heavy for sure), he has gotten an extra wound as his sole advance so far. You can also see how disproportionate Catachan jungle fighters are next to a more proportionate Necromunda figure.
These gents are Mean Gren and Sturmfelder(both gangers). Mean Gren has been kicking ass. He is equipped with a shotgun with manstopper rounds, carapace armor (which I modeled to look like individual pieces of carapace hodgepodged together) , and a respirator. As far as my gangers go, he is easily my best performer. He has a BS and a T advance, as well as the skill Iron Will and True Grit. Sturmfelder has a lasgun and has only had one advance, which was fast shot (we are using the Necromunda Community Edition rules by Anthony Case).
Next up is Young Buck (a juve, I name all my juves after rappers - even though I don't enjoy the genre as a whole, there are just too many silly "Young" or "'Lil" names to pass up) and Tony Stark (My gang leader, and being from the House of Iron, he needed a suitable name). Young buck is on the verge of becoming a ganger (when he will get a new model and this one will be reused as a new juve eventually) in game he has an autopistol and chainsword, a WS advance, and the Combat Master and Counter-attack skills. Tony Stark doesn't actually have a shotgun or chainsword any more unfortunately, but I had already started on the model. He now has an autopistol and a sword, as well as a stinger pouch and mesh armor. He has a S advance, and also has gained the step aside skill. He has a horrible scars injury, which makes him cause fear. As you can imagine, he is now a close combat fighter.

I'll post the rest of the gang as I finished them, I recently had a melee juve become a ganger, and have to make him a model, which I may paint up next. Thanks for looking and any feedback is much appreciated!


  1. I like them, the jeans effect is very good, how did you do that? Haha Tony Stark, if your gang doesn't have name references you're doing it wrong! Are there plans to do a new model for Tony to show his current equipment (and horrible scars!) once you're caught up with the rest of the gang? Mean Gren looks like a beast and I like Apone's skin tone, very subtle.

    The difference in proportions between the jungle fighter and the necromunda model is insane, but with Molten Marty getting an extra wound as an advance it couldn't have worked out better! Are the plastic Cadians that much bigger too?

    The multipart plastics all lack character to me, the Chaos ones just aren't the same as the old metals. The ease of kitbashing, specially with marines does go a long way to make up for it though.

    Otherworld minis was how I discovered LL too, I saw the owlbear and had to find out where something that awesome came from! I've never really played D&D before (other than Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment). I did have a starter set of what must have been 2nd ed when I was a kid but never really got anywhere with it. I looked at Pathfinder and its far too involved for my tastes, the simplicity of OD&D really appeals and should help recruitment of non-gamers, fingers crossed.

    I've been eying up the Otherworld line, an owlbear and a bone demon are first on the list, very creepy and characterful. Shouldn't be as expensive for me as I'm in the UK, saves on the postage! The GW LotR line looks good for some cheaper models too, I like their orcs.

    Yeah, once things have settled down I'll get some pictures up somewhere. I'm pleased with how the models are turning out, I'm painting them very quickly by my standards (about 1-1.5 hours painting time each) so they look quite... grungy. I've been looking for a forum or blog on D&D modelling and painting and I've not seen anything other than sites for cataloging old minis, seems a shame that there isn't a similar P&M community as there is on some 40k blogs.

  2. Thanks! The jeans were really easy, just a base coat of Adeptus Battle grey and a heavy drybrush of codex grey. It's true, Necromunda is a very comical game by it's nature (at least compared to how dark 40k is), so you have to play to its strengths! Absolutely! I'm really looking forward doing a new Tony model once the rest of the gang is filled out. I'm thinking of doing some burn type scars on him, kind of like how they did the Song of Fire and Ice character Sandor Clegane when they did the Game of Thrones show. I'm trying to do generic juves, and once they become gangers making them models too. Thanks, I appreciate it!

    Haha, oddly enough it turned out okay. The cadians aren't nearly as bad as the Catachans (Gren's chest and legs are cadian), but are still a bit disproportionate.

    This is unfortunately the case, but you are absolutely right about kit bashing. A good kit bash generally turns out more characterful than even the best metal models, and the GW plastics are fantastic for kit bashing and conversions.

    Otherworld definitely has some great products, and some day I hope to pick up a bit more of there stuff. I played a bit of 2nd edition as a kid, and at the time I thought it was awesome, but I think I really just liked the concepts (heroes, orcs, and dragons and what not), and I had help with the rules. In my teen years I played 3rd edition, which was pretty fun, and in the last five or so years when I've roleplayed it has either been Dark Heresy or Pathfinder (both very very rarily unfortunately). They are both great games, but the main problem is that most of my buddies and people I game with don't want to have to learn 200 pages of rules to play a game. To be honest, I don't blame them, and this is where I feel Labyrinth Lords and the revivalist games are doing a really good job. I will definitely agree that it will be easier to get non-gamers in. My main issue is even though I have a large group of gamers (well about 10 or 12), we all have very different schedules, and about half of them are very unreliable.

    Those are both awesome models! I trying to find ways to use my Otherworld and Reaper fantasy stuff in a skirmish game set in a more generic (as opposed to Warhammer Fantasy) fantasy world. I am having a hard time find a rule set that is the level of depth I am looking for that has decent campaign rules (I tend to run into overly simplistic rules or way too heavy sets). The postage in the UK will help a lot for the prices! Living in the States can be a major bummer for my hobby, you folks have all the great miniature companies over there (Otherworld, Heresy, Hasslefree). The LoTR stuff is pretty good for a low fantasy setting, and I painted up a few of the Haradrim figures a while ago, and they paint up really quickly and nicely.

    That would be awesome, just give me a heads up when you do! That is very quick! I wish I could paint that fast. In my opinion grungy is a great look for things that dwell in dungeons (I think I tend to paint with a pretty dark palette and go pretty heavy on dark washes, I like the drab and dirty look). That is a bummer! Honestly 40k is pretty lucky with it's painting and modeling community, it is a shame more games don't has as active ones.

  3. I haven’t seen GoT but looked up a pic, that’s quite a realistic scarring effect, spec compared to the Final Fantasy type scars most models have. Any idea where you are going to find a suitable face?
    I’ve no experience with tabletop RPGs at all, but have heard good things about Pathfinder and loved the feel of Baldur’s Gate so I looked into D&D. I looked at the Pathfinder, the core rulebook is nearly 600 pages! I don’t have the energy to try and learn that from scratch, nevermind teach other people. The LL rulebook (~140 pages) is a lot shorter and easier and, as I wanted something non-competitive to play with my GF, fitted perfectly. I’m going to try and fit the game around the people I want to play with rather than recruit strangers and play something more tactical and hardcore. How did you find Pathfinder to play? It looks very combat orientated from the rulebook.
    It’s difficult fitting games around life, at least with 40k you only need two people! I can see why playing online has become so popular. Maybe you could try and run a game where the number of players turning up isn’t a huge deal. If the campaign structure is loose you could have people drop out and turn up as and when, and maybe have them run more than one PC depending on what’s happening in the session. Still it’d be a lot of work, and I’m sure you’re busy enough as it is!
    Have you heard about Fanticide? ( By Rick Priestly, Andy Chambers etc, looks interesting. I watched an interview on Beasts of War and they said they wanted to encourage the use of all different kinds of fantasy minis. I don’t know how rules-heavy it’ll be, but I’m sure it will be a good game.
    We are very lucky when it comes to mini companies, but I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve paid import fees on things from the US!
    I like the low fantasy look and being standard 28mm I hope the LotR stuff scales well with the old minis I’ve got. There are some nice, cheap plastics that would make good bandits and town guards etc as well as the orcs, it’s just a shame there aren’t more non-humans. The Haradrim are very cool, I like the vaguely Byzantian look.

  4. That's what I'm going for, I just don't feel that the Final Fantasy single neat facial scar really qualifies as "Horrible" I'm going much for a terrible burn scar or something that looks really repulsive. I think I'm probably going to have to do some really delicate greenstuff work on a head. I did have a chance to help a friend with some Nurgle CSMs before, so I'm hoping that the experience working on rotting flesh will help.
    Pathfinder is pretty awesome, however I would agree that Labyrinth Lord is definitely more approachable, Pathfinder has rules for literally just about everything, and the problem with this is that often (and in my last campaign), you'll have a player (or multiple), that will go rules lawyer and argue with the GM about everything. I find games that are more open to creative solutions by the GM rather than having everything carved in stone (Like LL) tend to be better about this. Pathfinder works really well for my group since we played D&D 3rd and 3.5 so much when we were younger. It is very combat centric, which can be kind of a boar (and I often feel like the more combat centric RPGs drag on forever with very little plot progression, as combat just can take way too long). That said it is a very solid game, and gives the players tons of options to make really unique characters. I'm very much the same, and would much rather play games with my buddies and GF, I don't really enjoy super competitive games. If a game is more stressful than fun, it isn't a game anymore.
    My buddy and I were talking about doing something like that instead of a more linear campaign, and I think it is a really good idea. We were thinking something like Dark Heresy would be a good idea, as if a player doesn't show up, you can simply say as an inquisitorial acolyte they were assigned to a different operation for the time being.
    It does look pretty interesting, and it has an all-star line up writing it. I may have to look more into it! Hopefully the rules allow for a more traditional style fantasy game too.
    I'm a big fan of it too, the Easterlings look like great evil humans, and the orcs don't look cartoonish (as I find they often do in miniature form). I would agree, you are pretty limited to Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Humans, which is a bummer.

  5. Rules lawyers, never a good thing. The combat in LL is very light and as my players (and me!) get used to the game I may try implement some slightly more tactical rules, though I wouldn't want combat to drag out. I liked the look of the combat movement rules in PF, with a chance of being hit when you pass near a monster (Blood Bowl style!) etc. Are these much different to 3/3.5e?

    I like competitive games just because I enjoy the problem solving that it involves. I don't really care if I win or lose, I like a fun, close game. Sadly my gf gets in a really bad mood if she loses, so we generally avoid anything competitive!

    Sounds like a lot of fun and would allow you to be as flexible as necessary. Plus it's a good excuse for some custom modelling!

    Yeah Fanticide looks pretty gonzo from what I've seen, maybe not what you're looking for. Maybe you could adapt a ruleset from a historical game? Rip the guts of the system out and add in some rules for magic, monsters, etc.

  6. Yeah, they can really rob the fun out of things. Pathfinder has some really good tactical rules (especially if playing with miniatures), including the attacks of opportunity (which is one of the ones I feel is essential as it allows your fighter to actually protect your party), they are all pretty much the 3.5 rules, Pathfinder is mainly just a reimplementation of 3.5 with some changes to balance the game out a bit (some classes were substantially better than others in 3.5, for example, there was pretty much no reason to play a bard, and a Cleric was pretty much a fighter who could cast spells).

    I should have rephrased that, it's not that I don't enjoy competitive games (who doesn't like a close game and a good challenge), I don't like competitive environments, such as tournaments, and would rather play with my friends. Maybe I've had bad luck, but I've seen far too many dice/cards thrown across the room or people yell in frustration/ various other acts of poor sportsmanship. I don't enjoy being in the presence of people who take games that seriously and not for what they are: a hobby. I could definitely see why you would avoid the competitive stuff there! Labyrinth Lord is a good choice there too, one of the downsides of PF (much in line with Rules Lawyering) is that because the rules are so combat focused, people can get very competitive. I don't know what your thoughts on that are, but I feel Roleplaying isn't a Wargame or Boardgame, and it just seems out of place. I mean the GM doesn't "win" by killing the party no more than the PCs "win" by defeating an encounter.

    I'm looking forward to it! It seems like most of my non-board game gaming has become an excuse to use certain models, haha.

    Yeah, probably not, though I will probably give a try, as I'm a fan of the works of the writers (and it is still more appealing to me than the Steampunk stuff like Malifaux/ Warmachine). That's an idea I haven't even considered, but a really good idea. I've been working on my own ruleset thus far (and surprisingly, it's going pretty well, haha), but I'll have to look into that. I know there are some awesome historical rulesets out there.

  7. Attacks of opportunity, thats the one! I can see how it helps to balance out the relative weakness of fighters compared to wizards etc without having to deal with feats and skills. :) Plus you really need minis to do it properly and any excuse to buy models is good!

    Haha I've seen dice and counters thrown around too, it's usually my gf or sister though, they take it way too seriously, even when we play Escape from Atlantis! I definitely agree, roleplaying is about using your imagination and having fun, combat tactics should be limited to ensuring that the fighting parts don't get too repetative and boring. I had to really emphasise that D&D isn't the GM vs the players when pitching it to my gf, she was convinced it was about the GM trying to kill the players.

    Haha nothing wrong with finding an excuse to use models! I'm not keen on the whole steampunk thing either, it seems to be pretty huge at the moment. Where I live (, it is historically appropriate at least) we had a steampunk festival, lots of people dressed up and craft stalls selling brass cogs, haha I just don't get it.

    Nothing wrong with writing your own rules, it's the best way of getting exactly what you want. What sort of size skirmish are you wanting, individual named characters ('munda style) or 40k size?

  8. Yeah, it definitely helps. One of my biggest problems with playing a fighter type character (pretty much since I started playing Roleplaying games) was they have little in the way to defend their party, which is kind of their job. Fighters usually end up being the most important party member early on when they are the only one who can reliably take more than one hit and can do over six damage, but as the characters advance they become less and less useful (which is a bummer, though they can be pretty good still, but need lots of magic items). Its true, I like using minis just from a visual aspect, plus I think it helps add to the characters of the PCs and villains (and is an excuse to buy cool new toys, haha).

    Haha, well at least its in your home! I totally agree, and its good you are emphasizing that, because by doing so you'll generally get the friends of yours who have a similar concept of roleplaying to play. That said I have ran into a lot of people who have thought it was meant to be played like a competitive game. These people tend not to be too fun to play with not only because they will argue rules all session when the rest of the party sits there shaking their heads, but also because they are generally the type who doesn't really roleplay at all - and thus you get min-maxed barbarians with 5 intelligence trying to do blood analysis and what not in game. Not very enjoyable.

    That's a pretty neat village actually! Steampunk is really popular here too, and there are conventions for it in both the neighboring large cities, and sometimes you'll just see people dressed up in their gear walking around town. I mean, I can appreciate the creativity, but I guess it's just not my thing. I'm definitely more into Fantasy and Sci-Fi for gaming/reading/movie purposes, and I tend not to be into such things to the degree that I dress like I'm from those periods. It seems a bit excessive. But more power to them I suppose.

    It's going pretty well, and I'm just finishing up the rough draft today. After some play testing and editing I'm think of posting them up. Honestly they look like a lot of fun, and I'm really impressed how dedicated I have been to this (I feel as a table top gamer, I am naturally a fickle being with my projects and timelines). It's small skirmish designed for a handful of named models (though there are LOTs of customization options, kind of like making a really simple LL character), based around dungeon crawling (with traps, and monsters, and treasures and all the goodies). I figure when am I actually going to have a party get to a level when they can fight a purple worm? Probably never, but I want an excuse to buy the Reaper Bones one, and this is a great one! He can be one of the random dungeon monsters. I might actually get to test it out tomorrow too.

  9. Hey, how's the painting and gaming going? Hope you've been working less and had more time for hobbies, I want to see some Necromunda play reports!

    I started a blog and have put up a few pictures of my D&D stuff:

  10. Hey there Smiler! Good to hear from you! My work load has been a fair deal less, but unfortunately where it slowed down, school picked up (which I actually enjoy my studies a fair deal, so I can't complain). One thing that has really hurt my gaming/ painting was end of the Necromunda campaign. Unfortunately we only had three players, and one of them decided he wasn't a huge fan of the Necromunda ruleset. It's funny you mention it though, as the other day I stumbled across a ruleset called "In the Emperor's Name" which looks perfect for my gaming group, and was motivated to do more Inq28 stuff. I'm actually doing some plotting now at what to do next.

    That's awesome man, I'm going to go subscribe and check it out!