Tuesday, April 17, 2012

....From the rubble.

It's definitely been a while since I have posted. I have been pretty busy outside of the hobby world (and in the hobby world), though I have had a pronounced lack of motivation to be on the computer lately, so there has been a significant lack of progress updates. That said I have a small one (and a much larger one coming soon to tie in with this one).

I've recently decided to build up some of the Chaos stuff I had laying around (and buy a bit of new stuff) to build a core of an army (which will be expanded when the new book comes out) as a hobby project. I used to actually play Night Lords when we had the 3.5 book, but when the current book was released I was so disappointed in the distinct lack of flavor (and legion rules) and the inability to make your army play in a way that their combat doctrine would be somewhat resemble the legion your models were trying to represent, I sold them off. This time I went for a new legion (to me), and one that has grown to be my favorite as I have delved deeper into the original traitor legion lore. The Iron Warriors.

Here is Warsmith Mahrer, he is a veteran of the Horus Heresy, and fought on Terra (In fact it was his undermining of the walls of the Imperial Palace that allowed Dies Irae to create the first breach!). A Captain at the time, the dark gods called to him, but due to the paranoia and lack of trust he inherited from his Primarch, he refused the call. His Warsmith at the time on the other hand...... During the battle he slew two captains of the Imperial Fists, one of the Blood Angels, and he destroyed a Blood Angel dreadnought (along with other lesser astartes and loyal soldiers of the Imperium. Marher led the retreat of the 17th Grand Company from Terra and performed admirably, despite having his forces left in a hard spot when warriors from Fulgrim's legion abandoned their duty of guarding their flank. His last kill of the day was the Captain of the 21st company of the Emperor's children, and as his Marher's company and those of his vassal arm soldiers took flight they grounded the Emperor's Children's transports with before they could get into the air, leaving them to die to the thralls of the False-Emperor.

Marher is a hard and unrelenting individual who is determined, tenacious, tactically brilliant and incredibly cunning. Bitter, spiteful, and contemptuous, Marhar has not been silent since the Heresy. He has led the 17th Grand Company and their accompanying army (The Medrengard Sappers) on many successful sieges, and has taken part in most of the Black Crusades. He is not tempted by the lure of Chaos, believing himself not to be a pawn (but also wary of being betrayed, as he believes is the fate of all Iron Warriors). Marher will soon be continuing his work of burning the galaxy on my tabletop.

Hope you folks enjoy him, and always feedback is much appreciated!


  1. Cool model, love the hammer! Chaos have been my favourites for a long time, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

    The retinue looks great, have you had a chance to get any games played?

  2. Thanks I really appreciate it! Chaos has always been the most interesting faction to me (besides maybe Guard for their sheer diversity, though I may be biased as my complete army is Guard) as well. I've decided I'm probably only going to be doing this guy and his retinue (maybe for skirmish stuff), rather than a whole Chaos army. It's just too large of a financial investment at this point, especially with the upcoming price increase.

    I've been really slammed lately, I just finished a month long medical training program that was a prerequisite to some of the medical programs I am looking at (which was 26 hours a week of night school on top of my 30-40 hours at my normal job), so I've not had too many chances to use the retinue. I did have an opportunity to play a one of game on Space Hulk tiles with them and some cool rules for automated defenses and it was awesome. My group did start up a Necromunda campaign a few weeks ago though, and we are about 6 games in or so. Now that I have some free time I'll get some pictures of the gang up here soon.

    How has the hobby been going for you?

  3. Wow, that is seriously intense, congrats on sticking it out!

    I don't blame you for keeping the Chaos stuff small, few models with good conversions is definitely the way to go, I've always enjoyed smaller games of 40k anyway (maybe because I started playing in the early days of 2nd ed). I played some huge games as a kid (before "Apocalypse" games had a name) and they were really boring, just too much happening.

    I love the guard too, Tallarns and Valhallans had a special place in my heart back in the day. There's something very charming about the old metal models.

    Sounds like you've been having fun despite being so busy, it'd be good to see the Necromunda gang. Which gang are you playing?

    Haha I'm still too poor for 40k and am pretty busy (and stressed) job and house hunting, so I've found my attention drifting. I've just got into D&D, specifically the Old School Revolution clones. The rules for Labyrinth Lord are a free pdf (yay!) and all you need are some dice and graph paper. I've been playing some starter games with my girlfriend to get to grips with it and then it's on to recruiting friends. I did manage to pick up a handful of old (1980's) D&D models for almost nothng on ebay which I stripped and am painting up, it's been a lot of fun.

  4. Thanks, much appreciated! It seems like you have your hands full as well, the job hunt is never fun!

    I very much feel the same way , I prefer fewer more characterful models to many bland ones. I definitely agree with you there
    (though I started in third edition), I've only played one Apocalypse game, and even with the Apocalypse rules it was pretty awful. It eventually comes to a point where the game becomes a chore with that many point, and if a game feels like a chore, I have no idea why I should play it.

    I really love the metal Guard ranges (and the Forgeworld ones too). My army is Steel Legion and a few Death Korps models (for veterans), and I really like how they look. I feel the plastic Cadians and Catachans just lack a lot in terms of character. Though they have their uses as conversion pieces.

    I'm playing Orlocks in this campaign. I'm not exactly what drew me to them, but I feel they are the most well rounded gang (and maybe the iron thing? My favorite Legions are the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors, and my Guard use Steel legion models. I think I'm onto something, haha. I'm actually in the process of finishing up a few models as I type this, and when they are done I will hopefully be able to get pictures of them and the other four finished models up (and probably tonight as I had a Morning Shift today).

    40k is nuts from a price point, I've definitely found my attention drifting towards skirmish games more and more the last couple years (and not only because I like the rules better.....). That's awesome! I have the Labyrinth Lord PDF somewhere on my computer, I need to take a look at it. I miss old school D&D, I enjoy the simplicity of it. I actually encountered the Labyrinth Lord name at Otherworld Miniatures website. I've picked up some Hobgoblins from them (I think they are doing the Labyrinth Lord line), and they are gorgeous models, definitely a shame they are so spendy. Very high in quality terms though. Nice find on the Minis! You'll have to let me know when you get them painted, I'd like to see a picture!

    Good luck on the Job and House hunt! Hopefully things will work out soon, I know how stressful that can be!