Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inquisitor Ehrhardt and Retinue update.

So I recently moved, and after a relatively stressful week and half of doing so, it's all taken care of and I'm settling into the new place nicely. Unfortunately for me I had to work every day I was packing/ moving, but on the plus side, I had a nice weekend after the move was over. I got a fair deal of work on Ehrhardt's retinue done, and also got to play a demo Inquisimunda scenario with a few of the guys and they loved it. They are currently planning out their warbands (and I'm planning out the NPCs they will be fighting/ the models I will be painting/ building). So without much further ado:

The completed Marberry- Mutant and Psyker:

Torturer/ Physician Eneril Teffig:

Interrogator Denil Targo:
And lastly a few group shots:

From left to right in the above picture we have: Eneril Teffig, Marberry, Inquisitor Garran Ehrhardt of the Ordos Hereticus , 1st Lieutenant Vendrek Hellmann, and Interrogator Denil Teffig.

Thanks for looking, and as always comments and critique are more than welcome!


  1. Beautiful minis, the Inquisitor is fantastically creepy. My favourite is definitely Eneril, I love the conversion, very clean and simple with a natural pose and a paintjob to match, awesome!

  2. Thanks Smiler, I really appreciate it! Eneril was a conversion that came very naturally, I pretty much saw a few pieces and knew they would be a torturer some day. How have your projects been going?

  3. The best models always happen like that, thats why its good to have a varied bits box. Glad you settled in after your move too, I definitely don't envy you that.

    My inquisimunda stuff is still all theory (and will be until I've some disposable cash), been reading through the Empire of Ghosts rules and thinking about some changes. I'm planning out a witch hunter and retinue, thinking about background and looking for models, so when I've the money I can make things happen.

    Blogs like yours really help inspire me to keep planning even though I've little to work with, so thanks!

  4. I could not agree more, though I feel I'm dwindling my bitz box rather quickly, haha. Thanks! As far as moves go it wasn't too bad!

    Ah I gotcha, it's always good to concept out models first and then go for there (especially when disposable cash is an issue, I cannot tell you how many bits I have purchased thinking I could make use of them only to find out they were no good for what I needed). The Empire of Ghosts stuff is very extensive and really awesome! My group definitely drew some inspiration from that, but came up with a house ruleset that would allow us to play pretty much whatever we wanted (though we are playing a narrative campaign that I will be GMing, so gang vs. gang balance is not a huge issue).

    I'm very happy to hear that this blog as served a bit more than a tool to keep me motivated! Thanks for reading and your feedback!

    Tomorrow (weather permitting, they need to be based and sealed and we have had about 2 weeks of downpour/ light snow/ too low temp to seal- my backyard has looked like a WWI battlefield, haha.) I should have the last three models finished for Ehrhardt's retinue and pictures posted up. It's looking hopeful, as today (and supposedly tomorrow) was dry, sunny, and moderately temperate.

    My group has grown to four players (Grey Knight w/ Inquisition, Tzeentchian Sorcerer/Possessed/Cultists, Eldar, and Orks) and I was lucky enough to get together with two of them (GK and Tzeentch) and they hammered out their concepts for their models/ backgrounds/ stats. And though they are new to the hobby, they are very motivated and really want to try a bit more complicated modelling and painting, and I look forward to posting their stuff up here too when they get working on it!

  5. Wow, it's just starting to warm up in the UK, I hope Washington follows suit soon, I can't wait to see the rest of the retinue!

    It's interesting to hear that you're using house rules, care to share any details? I'm intending to adapt the EoG's rules myself (including finding some way of shoehorning in some Space Wolves to get my girlfriend involved, the more wolves the better!) so it'd be good to see what others are doing.

    Sounds like a good mix of bands, should make for some interesting scenarios and painting and modelling. It's great you've found some motivated players, looking forward to seeing what they come up with.