Sunday, February 12, 2012

Witch Hunters in the Time of Sigmar

So recently my buddy and I took an effort to get some of our 40k buddies into Mordheim (like a gateway drug to get them into all the other awesome skirmish games set in the Warhammer universe, wahahaha), and we play a few games with our friend the other day, and he loved it! Mordheim is a blast, and as we are getting started up again, I wanted to actually build my a Witch Hunter band (And paint them, as normally when I used them, they weren't painted). So I started on this project (though my work week was pretty horrendous, and unfortunately I didn't finish, not to mention, adding two models to it in a post game sequence).
Here is a group shot of the Pious Sigmarites.

This fellow here is Mathias Gundermann (ironically armed with a crossbow) and the Captain. He lead his team to victory last game, but performed horribly himself (rolled 5 crossbow misses of a 1, 1 six to hit, followed by a 1 to wound). No advancements or injuries yet. He is armed with a Crossbow, Heavy Armor, a Sword, and a Lucky charm.

This is my Warrior-Priest of Sigmar, Ulrich Schwartz. He has light armor (though it is undoubtably heavy on the model), a hammer, and a shield. His spell is Hearts of Steel (which was awesome in the three way battle between undead, mercenaries, and myself). He is doing pretty well and got a toughness advance.

This Witch Hunter is Kurt Sturmlund. He is my "tank" he has a Helmet, Heavy Armor, a Shield (slung on his back on the model), and a sword. He did well for himself and got a Weapon Skill advance.This here is Erich Stahl, a Witch Hunter. He has a pair of pistols, light armor, and a sword. I took the picture at this angle, otherwise the shadowing obscured his face.

This crazy looking chap is Heinrich Hundenfaust (a bad joke from my High School German days, Hundenfaust is a very poor/ inaccurate translation of "B**chfist." He has two pistols and light armor.
My War dogs using the new Malifaux guild hounds, I'm very happy how they turned out. These are probably the best roughly 28mm hounds I have seen to date. I actually added a third War Hound to the band after last game, but do not have the model for him yet unfortunately.
This flagellant here hasn't been finished, and indeed I am not even painting him! My girlfriend asked if she could paint one of my figures when she saw me painting, and this is her WIP. Considering she has never painted a miniature before I think he is coming along very well!
These are the rest of my henchmen, from left to right: The new flagellant, zealot, and zealot. I will probably be painting on these this upcoming week, and also working a bit on my Imunda stuff. It's been a nice break from the monotony of painting VC rank and file all day!

Hope you enjoy them and any feedback is appreciated!

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