Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Henchmen Local 360

So this week I managed to get my unpainted henchmen for my Witch Hunters painted up. I think they look pretty decent. I was pretty impressed with how much painting time I got in considering work has been pretty unforgiving as of late and also that I'm gearing up to move in the beginning of the upcoming month (which I'm very excited about not living 25 minutes from the nearest grocery store that isn't a gas station).

On an even more exciting note, I built my Bounty Hunter(ess) for my Inquisitor's retinue, and I think she turned out pretty awesome. Really the most exciting thing about gaming that happened was I finalized my draft of Inquisimunda rules and dispersed them to our gaming group (along with the first piece of fluff for the campaign). I have three players that are very interested, and possibly more too! I'm really looking forward to GMing a campaign. We are looking at starting sometime this summer, so everyone has time to paint all their models and come up with a band they are happy with (Also so I can finish up my terrain and paint the NPCs). I'll have to paint up Ehrhardt's band (Minus Ehrhardt and Hellmann), some Cultists (12ish), a few Arbites (Which I need to obtain), and another Inquisitor and his band. That's not counting the three to five special characters I have yet to determine. I think this will be a blast and it seems the excitement amongst my group is pretty contagious!

That's all for now, I might not post for a week or two because of the move, but will resume updating ASAP! Feedback is much appreciated!

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