Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keeping the ball rolling.....

So I've gotten a lot of assembly done on my VC the last couple days and am nearing the end of this phase of the project (Down to a Necro, 2 boxes of Skellies, a Corpse Cart, some converted spirit hosts, and some bits box zombies). Anyways here's what I built the last few days.
Also I built my Wight Lord BSB from Grave Guard and a few Black Knight bits (And terrorgheist bits). I'm rather happy with him.Also finished up my test scheme for my skeletons, very quick and easy, but I feel it looks good. I'm excited to be done with building and start painting and basing!

As always feedback is much appreciated!


  1. Hey, just stumbled across your blog while looking for Imunda stuff, I love the modelling and background you've done, very inspirational. I'm going to have to find some friends who are interested in starting a campaign!

  2. Hey thanks there smiler! I'm really looking forward to playing some Imunda (The Inquisition aspect of 40k is definitely my favorite part of the fluff), my main problem is getting my buddies interested in something other than 40k, haha. But it is a goal I will accomplish one way or another! I hope you have better luck than myself!

  3. I've just got back into the hobby after a long break and dont have any friends that play anything! Slowly getting one mate into it, but the finanical investment needed to start 40k is a big problem, hopefully Imunda will persuade him, spec as he seems to enjoy the painting side.

    Meant to say I'm liking the VC too, good job!

  4. Ah, I gotcha, I've been working my way back into the hobby over the last year myself (though I played lots of Mordheim during my break), thankfully I kept my finished IG army, though unfortunately I had very little of my VC (and thus had to pretty much start over), so I had to spend a fair deal of cash on that. Starting the big games (40k and WHFB) is very prohibitively expensive, so I hope the skirmish level stuff is easier for your friend to get into.

    Honestly I enjoy playing the skirmish stuff more, your models tend to be more characterful and there is more room for hilarity to ensue(flaming models in necromunda falling off buildings onto others comes to mind). I think Imunda is a great painting opportunity too, as each model can be unique and does come with the tedium of painting 150+ Guardsmen (been there, done that).

    Thanks! I like the VC a lot, they are a blast to paint/ model, and have some really characterful units. I got to play my first game of 8th the other day against my buddies Ogres, and I must say I'm really enjoying 8th Fantasy (more so than 7th or 40k actually).

    Sorry for the rant, but good luck getting your buddy into Imunda, I'm going to try to get a few of mine into it (or at least apply more pressure), there is a lot of potential to make some really cool models for Imunda, plus I think the getting away from the endless space marine battles and more into the intrigue and character of the 40k universe is much more fun!

  5. I prefer skirmish games too, I'm mainly into the painting and modelling so being able to put some effort into each model and not painting hordes of cannon fodder is much more fun (lol painting 150 guardsmen sounds like a nightmare!). I'm slowly buying bits and pieces but don't have the cash for a full army so I'm trying to stick to imunda and killzone.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics :)

  6. I could not agree more, and while I enjoy my Vampire Counts, I do find myself drifting towards wanting to paint my more characterful miniatures. The last week has been pretty busy for me in terms of my jobs, but my buddy and I are introducing a few of our gaming group to Mordheim tomorrow, so I did do some work on my Witch hunter band (Which is 8/10 complete, still need to do the Zealots). I will get some pics tomorrow I hope (and more when I finish the zealots), and I'm really hoping to paint Marberry this weekend, as I want to take a break from the hordes of ghouls and skeletons, haha.

    Imunda and Killzone are awesome, in that you can make every model a character, and put your full effort into every single one, not to mention the aforementioned savings! You should post some pics when you get started, I loving seeing more Imunda stuff!