Monday, January 9, 2012

The Inquisition, pt 2.

So here is the WIP on the rest of my band (minus a bounty huntress which I have not started on yet).

This guy is Mordrath. He is a former pit fighter that was freed from slavery my Ehrhardt when Ehrhardt broke up an illegal drug racket (and thus the cartel's other operations followed). Mordrath was taken from a feral world at a young age, and has grown up as a slave in the underhive. He is incredibly devoted to Ehrhardt and means to pay him back for his freedom the only way he knows how, in combat. As Mordrath is rather poorly educated, and not all too cunning, he tends to serve as muscle on missions, and has a rather imposing demeanor. A very dedicated man, he spends most of his time training, though with help from Denil, Marberry, and Eneril, he is attempting to gain a rudimentary education.

I've not yet named this character, but he is a more recent addition to Ehrhardt's retinue. He is a paid hitman, commonly operating as an assassin for different crime syndicates. He is silent, reserved, professional, and incredibly thorough and analytical. He joined up with Ehrhardt as an opportunity to continue to ply his trade with no risk of legal repercussion.

This is Eneril Teffig, the first individual other than Hellmann to join Ehrhardt's retinue (along with the group's pilot, who will be featured later). Teffig joined Ehrhardt's retinue when their former Inquisitor went missing, and left instructions for Teffig to join Ehrhardt. Teffig is a former Imperial Guard field surgeon, who got into trouble for experiments with chaos tainted enemies. He was saved from execution by Inquisitor Defenial (Ehrhardt's former Inquisitor), and served him as a medical expert/ torturer, which he continues to do for Ehrhardt. He has a calm, cold, and collected Demeanor, and is known to make jokes in humor so morbid, they are generally out of taste.

Let me know what you think!

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