Saturday, January 7, 2012

The dead, they arise!

So, this is my first post on this blog, so hey everybody, and thanks for looking!
I've mostly been working on my Vampire Counts as of late (the new releases have me pretty pumped, more so than a Warhammer release has for quite sometime). I've been playing Vampire Counts since 5th Edition (on and off), and now that I'm a bit more skilled and some of the awful models are being replaced (particularly Black Knights, I've never found a conversion I was overly fond of either). Up first are some of the Mantic Ghouls whom I have been speed painting. At least by my painting standards, as I paint very slowly. I've managed the 15 in about 12 hours, which I think they turned out pretty well considering. This was also a departure from my normal "clean painting," and I abused washes, which I enjoyed. Because of this I didn't have a chance to do lots of minute detail work (which I believe to be my strong suit), and it saved a ton of time. Considering the amount of models needed to play a moderate sized game, I think I'm only be putting a lot of emphasis on my Lords/Heroes and Special/ Rares. Not sure how I want to base them yet, so suggestions are much appreciated.
Personally I much prefer the Mantic ghouls to the GW in terms of being used in a Vampire Counts army for one reasons. I enjoy the lore of ghouls being degenerate inbred corpse-eaters rather than the models games workshop portrays (which look to be an entirely different species). That being said, as models go GW's are probably better (they offer lots of awesome conversion potential) in general. The Mantic models however, are a great value, and portray the look I'm going for much better. I will also use Mantic zombies (I don't think anyone would disagree), but I'm sticking with the GW skeletons (the Mantic ones are nice, but the facial expression skulls look a bit too comical), Grave Guard, etc.

Also included are a few pictures of my converted Blood Dragon Lord for the new book. I converted him from the Terrorgheist kit, and surprisingly it took a lot of effort. The Model was set up to ride a zombie dragon, so his legs took a lot of cutting and carving, as did his inner torso. I had to actually give him the thighs and pelvis region of a dark eldar warrior (Which had to be bulked out with greenstuff) to attach his lower legs too, as the pose of his riding upper legs made conversion nigh impossible. However I think he turned out really well, though because the size of his calves and lower legs, and having to give him porportionate thighs, he is huge. I'm going to work this into his backstory. I think post-blood kiss he was a large dude, with the magical effects of the vampirism increasing his size and power more. He further augmented this by drinking the blood of several dragons which has made him stronger. I look forward to painting him.

Let me know what you think! I should have some progress posted on my Inquisitor and his warband tomorrow as well.

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