Monday, January 16, 2012

The dead shamble on.....slowly

So this last week has been awesome...though not particularly successful on the hobby part. I had my one year anniversary with my lady this last weekend (we went to the beach), and that was a lot of fun (though she hit patch of ice on the way back and almost skidded us into a lake, which would not have been very fun, needless to say I drove the rest of the way home after we got towed back on to the road). I did manage to pick up the new VC book, and I like it a lot so far. A combat lord looks viable again, and there are lots of cool new tricks. I've been trying to write new lists and failing, because I find I want to include every unit in the book in them.

Without much further ado here is what the week has brought:

Five more painted Ghouls (for a total of 20), I think I've found how I want to base them now too.

30 assembled skeletons (the primed pair will be my painting scheme test ones).
This figure is a Necromancer I made for Mordheim a fair while ago, and I'm thinking of using him in my VC army as a Necromancer (though I would be lying if I said I wasn't trying to find an excuse to put the new plastic one in the army). He's WIP for sure and will need rebasing. He's pretty simple, but I like him.

This guy is the new Wight Lord plastic model, nothing too special in terms of conversions or anything, but a great model (not even sure if I'm going to use him, just wanted to paint him), but this shows him in some detailed assembled and bare. Absolutely fantastic model, I love it.

I still have to build the following:
10 x Black Knights (new plastic)
20 x Grave Guards
1x Terrorgeist
1x Vampire Hero (From the bits box)
1 x Wight BSB (Also from the bits box)
20x Mantic Ghouls
30x Mantic Zombies (for summoning)

I need to pick some more skeletons, Grave Guard and a few other things to round the army out.
As always, all feedback is appreciated! Thanks for looking!

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