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Burn the Heretic! Kill the Mutant! Purge the Unclean!

So here I'm showing a bit of an Inquisitor project I started a while ago. I believe these figures will be used in an Inquisimunda Campaign at some point (Essentially Inquisitor themed Necromunda). Not sure if these are the rules my group will be using (if we end up playing), but Ancientsociety's site here contains some very well thought out rules. Anyways I started working on these models as part of an 28mm scale Inquisitor project, but my group wasn't a huge fan of the rules. I think I was blinded by the fact it was a game based around the Inquisition, Rogue Traders, Chaos Cults, Gangs, and the underworkings of the 40k universe (which is by far my favorite part of 40k, just reading Eisenhorn, The Inquisitor Rulebook, and Ravenor paints such a characterful and complex universe) and didn't
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really pay too much attention to the gameplay. It seem awesome and detailed. When I finally gave it a test go I found it was detailed, and also quite.....cumbersome. Anyways, this lead me to give Inquisimunda some more thoughts (and excuses to convert and paint Inquisition themed models more importantly!).

I'm looking at a band of about ten now.

This chap here is Inquisitor Garran Ehrhardt. Ehrhardt is a relatively new Inquisitor and is a staunch Amalthian (essentially he believes the Imperium working together rather than against itself is best for mankind), and is neither a puritan or a radical, though he leans a bit more radical. This is mainly because of the individuals he works with (including a mutant), as he cares more about contribution and good intentions toward the Imperium rather than profession, race, or physical appearance. He is a former Arbitrator, and has a strong sense of justice. His former law enforcement career and his investigative abilities often have deployed to track down individuals wanted by the Inquisition. He is very pragmatic and cautious, yet loyal to his team mates to a fault, he is often seen as stubborn and can become tunnel-sighted in terms of his objectives. He goes to great lengths to protect Imperial citizens (even individually), which is often looked down upon by other Inquisitors, though it has earned him many allies and contacts.

This gentleman is 1st Lt. Vendrek Hellmann, a former Inquisitorial Storm trooper officer. He is the longest member of Ehrhardt's retinue, and served with Ehrhardt with his former Inquisitor when Ehrhardt was an Interrogator. Ehrhardt and Hellmann met during a combat against a Chaos cult which involved them fighting a veteran Alpha Legion marine (along with two squads of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers) which resulted in the rest of the troops, the first Inquisitor Ehrhardt served under, and several other dying. Ehrhardt and Hellmann managed to kill the marine, but barely survived. They have been fast friends since. Hellmann is tenacious, tactically minded, discipline, selfless, extremely loyal, and a hell of a fighter. He often runs tactical command on missions, though he is technically third in the chain of command. The model actually had magnetized heads too, if you noticed : ).

From this point forward everything is a WIP
The one on the left is Marberry. Marberry is a mutant who saved Ehrhardt's life early in his career as an Inquisitor when Ehrhardt was pursing a smuggler of Chaos-tainted artifacts in the waste zones of a hive cities underbelly. Ehrhardt was impressed by Marberry's selflessness and surprisingly, his devotion to the Imperium. Marberry is not only a psyker, but serves as Ehrhardt's savant. Marberry was abandoned at a young age by upper hive members in a forgotten dome of the underhive. Here he found a great library, and studied for many years while honing his psychic powers. Oddly enough, he found great devotion to the Imperium based on the texts he read (as propaganda based as they may be), and also named himself after a benevolent Imperial planetary governor from ages past. He also learned important lessons about surviving in the wastes of the underhive, and all of these combined make him a great addition to Ehrhardt's team. Marberry is friendly, somewhat shy, but fiercely loyal to his comrades for taking him in, and despite being an outcast of the human race, he fights devotedly for them.

On the left is Denil Targo, Ehrhardt's interrogator. Denil was recruited by the Schola Progenium at a young age, when his parents, and supposedly his brother (who were hive gangers) were killed. He worked for Ehrhardt for a while before Ehrhardt decided he had the right abilities to be an Interrogator, and promoted him. He is ambitious, thorough, intelligent, daring, and highly able with a blade. His arrogance often cause him to get into scuffles with his teammates, but at the end of the day no one doubts his commit to preserving the Imperium and bringing justice to it's enemies.

Here are a few more pics.
And a few more before I call it a night:

The guy on the left is Jull Targo, Denil's older brother who was supposedly killed by gangers. He was actually rather badly injured (and lost a foot), but survived. Unable to contact his brother, he became a gun for hire in the underhive of Denil and Jull's homeworld, and worked for a number of gangs, becoming a gunslinger of some fame. He also spent what time he had working on vehicles and other mechanical devices, which has given him some mechanical aptitude. He wears a cloak of hide of a rare white blinder lizard, and incredibly poisonous predator that stalks the lower underhive on his planet. Jull has been known to hunt them for sport. Jull joined the team when Denil found a lead on his brother's existance, and asked Ehrhardt to help him investigate, leading to a reunion. The opposite of his brother in almost every way except for their hot-headed nature, Jull is brash, loud, less than savory, and a scoundrel. He does however have a great sense of humor, and much more importantly a great mechanic and gunfighter.

The tough looking chap on the right is Corporal Maxwell Zinctoski. He is a former Imperial Guard specialist who was almost executed for betting into a brawl with an officer and beating the tar out of him. Present at the scene of the fight, Ehrhardt got him out of his death penalty in exchange for his services. Max is tough, loud, and quick to anger, but he is also very friendly to his comrades, and would risk his life for any of them. A relatively simple man, Maxwell enjoys nothing more than laying into worshiper of the ruinous powers with his heavy stubber.

That's all for tonight, I'll post WIP pics of the rest of the team later in the week. As always C+C are always welcome! Have a good night!

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