Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Brief Catalog of this Year's Works

So it's been a while folks. After all that time in school, I ended up getting a job (which I enjoy for the most part and that pays the bills) at the lab of a local (and very busy) hospital. Which is primarily what I've been doing for the last six months since my last post. I'm in a field that is pretty short-handed for people at the moment, because there really aren't enough programs to turn out qualified people, and as such I'm working a ton. So between all the overtime and spending time with the fiance (and wedding planning!), family, and friends, I have not had a lot of time for hobbies.

Don't get me wrong though - I have found some time! In what little time I've had for hobbies though, I have prioritized playing games and painting rather than posting. I've painted woefully little this year, but I'm pretty happy with what I've put out.

As far as playing games go I never really got any of my play group interested in Infinity, and the local group plays a night that I work every week, so that didn't work out. I've been playing a bit of X-Wing (and have just picked up Armada and Imperial Assault + Expansions - both of which I look forward to playing and that my play group is pretty interested in), a bit of Mordheim, some D&D, and some board games here and there.

Mostly I've been painting up stuff for Otherworld's upcoming (finally) skirmish game by Crooked Dice and D&D. I also intend to use some of it in Osprey's upcoming game Frostgrave - which looks really neat and North Star Military games is doing a preorder promotion for at the moment.

Here are a few adventurers from Otherworld I've painted up (Dwarf Cleric, Human Fighter, Elf Wizard). They were a lot of fun and very easy to paint - most Otherworld stuff tends to be.

Next are some Ghouls that I'll likely use for Mordheim Undead and various Skirmish Games (probably even Strange Aeons when I get my 2nd Edition rulebook). These are some pretty nice Paul Muller sculpts from Heresy with a speed paint job.

These guys are going to be mega-versatile. They will serve as my Dregs in Mordheim, Henchmen in Frostgrave, and Villains of some sort in Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. I modeled them to be Men-At-Arms turned Grave Robbers As I figured their Vampire Lord ( In Mordheim) was exiled and some of his retainers accompanied him from Sylvania to the City of the Damned. The center figure is the Vampire's seneschal and others are a pair of Men-at-Arms. Two of the three have a (rather poorly done) sickle painted as iconography of their vampiric Lord, whom bearers the title "The Harvester". I modeled them to be robbing parts of the dead, rather than gold and jewelry, as they intend to supply the Vampire and the Necromancer with parts for more minions.

Well, that's all for the moment. Coming up I have a Half-Orc Rogue type to join my adventurers and some terrain (boring). Relatively soon I will likely start painting up my Imperial Assault stuff (not the best miniatures, but decent enough detail and likely will paint up quickly), so you may see a bit of that up here as well. I'm going to attempt to get a blog post up at least once a month, but in the meanwhile all C+C is welcome and take care!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

After a long slumber.....

Well, it's been a while, but I have returned. Since moving back from the desert (to the more pleasant side of the Mountains), I have been incredibly busy. I was studying for my Board of Certification exam for several weeks (which I passed with flying colors), started up again at my old job part-time, and have been on the job hunt. It hasn't all been business though, I've been lucky enough to spend a bit of time catching up with some buddies and what not. I haven't been totally neglecting my hobby though.

I finished painting up the remaining Stitchers from the box set (they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself):

This guy was a blast to paint, and I think he turned out pretty well.
This guy was not a blast to paint, the location of his staff and the proximity of it to his chest (as well as the amount of detail on the chest) made him a nightmare to paint. He gave me a couple weeks of painter's block. He turned out okay though.
The two of them together and based (hopefully I can get a picture with all five together here soon).

In other news I picked up a copy of Operation: Icestorm for Infinity (as well as a small Nomad force) and am looking forward to painting that up. I got to play through the O:I starter scenarios with a couple guys at the game store and we all had a blast.....I'm really looking forward to N3 and playing some more Infinity.

To make matters more busy, I'm also starting work on a small Warriors of Chaos Army (Mono-Tzeentch of course) and just finished the first test model for the rank and file (I can probably get a pick up in the next few days). I'll probably be alternating between painting stuff for this and Infinity coming up.

And last, but not least, I've amassed a small collection of figures to paint up in the next year for Strange Aeons! I've always enjoys Lovecraft's works, and I already had many monster figures for the game, so picking up a handful of investigators was pretty affordable (also backed their Kickstarter for the next edition rulebook next year!).

Hopefully I'll have a big boy job here in a few weeks (looking that way with the way interviews are going), and I'll see more of you all soon!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Furnace Adept and Ehrhardt's finished retinue!

So It's been a while, but I finished up the Furnace Adept to round out Ehrhardt's retinue, as I won't be getting much hobby stuff done in the next couple weeks (I'm moving back home and finishing school!).

Here are some pictures (he was a bit hard to get a good shot of because of his pose):

And Ehrhardt and his completed retinue:
As always C+C are much appreciated and thanks for looking!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Brothers in Arms

So I finished up Hellmann 2.0 and Marberry 2.0. The pictures of Hellmann on his own were done before he was based, but you can see his final state next to Marberry towards the end of the post.
With these two done, I just need to finish the Furnace Adept to finish up Ehrhardt's Retinue. And here are a few of the members of an upcoming Puritan Inquisitor's Retinue. A former cult of redemption priest and a crusader (who needs his greenstuff cleaned up still, and I'm not sure on the head).

and another mook
My posts will slow down a bit here soon, as I resume school here in a few days. Almost done though! Thanks for looking, and always C+C are welcome!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inquisition Skirmish Game 1 Battle Report

So, I got to play the first game of my Mordheim mod for 40k Inquisition scenarios with a couple of my buddies who are in my roleplaying group (they loved the game, and are very excited to play more miniature games, yah!). In my previous post here you can see the retinues in a bit more detail.

The scenario was that Inquisitor Ehrhardt and his retinue were tasked with dealing with a cult in the sector - ideally wiping them out (objective was to kill the cult leader), Ehrhardt's intelligence also informed him that Rogue Inquisitor Tarkin was in the area. If Ehrhardt encountered him, Ehrhardt was supposed to capture Tarkin or one of his operatives to bring in for questioning/trial.

Meanwhile Inquisitor Tarkin is investing the Cult of the Indigo Eye (see the above cult) to see if they have the Tome of Sanzikor. The Tome of Sanzikor is a powerful artifact that supposedly allows it's user to bind daemons without even summoning them out of the warp. Ever the Radical, Tarkin wants to acquire this book to use to fight the forces of Chaos. Of course his superiors don't agree and have deemed him rogue. Tarkin's objective is to search the buildings in the cult encampment to find information on the Tome's location and escape.
Here are the cultists milling about with their daily business (played by me). The terrain is out of place more than a bit, and limited - most of my terrain is boxed up in storage at my parents (downside of temporarily living across the state).
Ehrhardt's retinue sets up on the left side of the table.
Tarkin's Retinue set up on the right side of the table.

Turn 1

Ehrhardt's retinue move up into position.
As does Tarkin's retinue. Tarkin draws first blood by crushing to chest a cultist in the northern most building (not pictured, the cultist was obscured by the building).

The cultists either moved into position or fired of very ineffective volleys.

Turn 2

Tarkin's retinue mostly maneuvers into more advantageous positions, but Lazarus charges into combat with the Cultist's demon. Tarkin's retinue also search the northern building, but find no evidence of the tome.

Kane's cyberhound also gets into combat with the Cult Leader.
Meanwhile Ehrhardt's team starts off with some ranged combat. A Storm Trooper takes a cultist out of action with a well placed shot, Zelik ignites two more- killing one and stunning another, and Hellmann takes one out with a close ranged scatter laser blast. Marberry then proceeds to finish off the stunned cultist with a pyrokinetic attack.
The cultists were yet again in effective, one charged Hellmann, but failed to do anything against the superior combatant, and the cult leader was stunned by Kane's hound.

Turn 3:

Tarkin charges the enemy daemon to help Lazarus, meanwhile one of his Feudal world mercs gets a lucky shot inflicting two wounds and knocking down Ehrhardt. Gaur takes a good shot and takes one of Ehrhardt's stormtroopers out of action (not pictured). Kane's hound also finishes off the cult leader (not pictured).

Meanwhile Ehrhardt get's up and moves back towards his medic (not pictured). Vendrek kills the cultists that is engaging him in hand-to-hand. Marberry throws a firebolt at the merc knocked down his master, and takes him out of action (not pictured) Ehrhardt's other stormtrooper hits Kane's hound and wounds it, but only knocks it down (also not pictured)
The cultists don't do so hot on their turn with the Daemon failing to wound and getting taken out of action by Lazarus.

Turn 4/5

Tarkin peaks around the corner and his retinue continues to open fire at the remaining cultists and Ehrhardt's forces (the hound had not be set up to standing from knocked down yet, he should be in this picture). On Turn 5 Kane hits Hellmann with a shotgun blast, and though his armor deflects it, he is still knocked down by the manstoppers.

Ehrhardt heals a wound as Teffig treats him, then rushes back towards combat. Vendrek storms a corner and blasts Tarkin point blank with his scatter laser, taking him out of action. Marberry also pyroblasts another feudal world merc. On Turn 5 Ehrhardt charges Atticus, but fails to take him out of action. A lucky pistol shot from Teffig takes Gaur out of action.
There are two remaining cultists at this point, one up in the tower who has been wounded every turn of the game (except the first), but only knocked down each turn (perhaps a Nurgle devotee rather than Tzeentch?) and the one on the ground who had just stood up from being knocked down after falling off the second level.

Turn 6:

Tarkin's group is dismayed by their casualty rate and the injury of their leader and flee!


With the cult leader dead, Ehrhardt had completed his primary objective, and though unable to apprehend Tarkin, his retinue was able to drive him off. Ehrhardt's team searched the cult encampment to find that it appears that they had recently been covertly raided and that several important items were missing. A few bodies were found in the cult encampment of Indigo Eye cultists with terrible, gangrenous and weeping wounds. Small traces of viscous mucous were found on many surfaces that appeared to hold items of value at one point. Perhaps further investigation into the cult's logs is necessary.

Tarkin failed to find any information on the Tome of Sanzikor, and was driven back by the forces of a fellow Inquisitor. He is now resolute to infiltrate the local Inquisition headquarters to find what Ehrhardt discovered.

As for injuries, they were pretty mild. All the henchmen survived, and of the two heroes taken out of action (Tarkin and Gaur), Tarkin made a full recovery, and Gaur gained horrible scars (making him cause fear).


Vendrek Hellmann, who took out two cultists and Inquisitor Tarkin.
Marberry, who fire blasted two feudal mercs and a cultist.

Thanks for reading and C+C are always welcome!

Inquisition Skirmish Game 1 Pre-Game Report

This week I got to play the first game of an Inquisition themed skirmish game with a couple buddies that are new to wargaming. The rules are based on the Mordheim rules with some roleplaying elements added and some necromunda rules (particularly ammo checks).

First off here are the participants:
These guys are just DV cultists with a Tzeentchian Demon (I played them as NPCs).
This is Inquisitor Tarkin's Retinue (Played by Jared):
From Left to Right: Explorator Militant Renzak Gaur, Atticus Umbarsworth, Inquisitor Sammael Tarkin, Tazz’Hedzrk’Oraytg (goes by Lazarus - Daemonhost in rear, Shadrune Kane's Cyberhound (Spike), and Shadrune Kane. Since Atticus is new here are a few pictures of him:
He is Tarkin's Savant. He was a really easy conversion, but I am rather fond of him.
Ehrhardt's Retinue (Played by Jeff):
From left to right: Eneril Teffig, Marberry, Inquisitor Ehrhardt, Vendrek Hellmann, Furnace-Adept Zalik
Lastly here are the Retinue's Henchmen. The three on the left are supposed to be Mercs from a feudal world and are working for Inquisitor Tarkin, and the Two on the right are Inquisitional Stormtroopers and are working for Inquisitor Ehrhardt.

And here are the stat cards I printed off for the members of each retinue:

The next post will get to the action!

Thanks for looking and as always comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

No one expects the Inquisition....again?

So despite being pretty busy this term, I've actually gotten a fair bit of hobby stuff accomplished (not much painting unfortunately). I've been sucked back into working on Inquisition miniatures (and am still eagerly waiting more Stitchmen to paint) for a Mordheim conversion (think Mordheim/ roleplaying game hybrid - kind of like a simplified Inquisitor) that I will be running as a GM for a few buddies.

So without much further ado - I've touched up Inquisitor Ehrhardt to make up for the damage that awful armory matte sealant did (it has been replaced by testors dullcoat since these models) and rebased him. I've given him a new pistol that I like better as well.

Here is him with Teffig and Trenz- who will both be in the upcoming campaign (and as such they have been rebased).
Perhaps the most exciting part of this is that Ehrhardt has a new retinue (sans Teffig, Trenz will be in a different retinue), a few of the models are new models of characters that were in his retinue previously (2.0 versions) and one entirely new character. The rest of his retinue were killed in a battle with another Inquisitor (which plays a role in the backstory of the campaign), except Trenz, who left after her contract was up - and because Ehrhardt's new extreme methods of dispensing "justice."

Remember Vendrek Hellmann?
Here is his new model:
I think it's a big improvement personally.

Marberry is also getting a new model, here's the original:
And the new Marberry (needs a bit of mold line cleaning still):
And the new member, an as of yet unnamed Tech-Adept who once maintained the furnace of a great forge at a minor forgeworld, which was overrun by chaos. His body and size has been modified so could fit into furnace vents and crawlspaces. He is equipped with a flamer to keep fires ignited (now to purify the great enemy) and a mechanicus power axe.

Lastly we have a secretive Radical Malleus Inquisitor who will also be a major character in the upcoming campaign.
Thanks for looking and as always feedback is appreciated!